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Join us once a month for a group clinic!

Join us once a month for a group clinic!

Many of Our Popular Clinics

Our group clinics are open to the public and can hold 6-10 people per clinic. To ensure our golfers are getting personalized attention, our coach-to-student ratio never exceeds 1:6.

golfer driving the ball off tee in simulator

Driving the golf ball

junior golfer lining up iron shot in simulator

Long irons/hybrids/woods

wedge shot in simulator

Wedge play

golf fitness training

Golf Fitness

coach adjusting adult student's shoulders

How to fade the golf ball

young boy follow through with coach watching

How to DRAW the golf ball

coach demonstrating grip & back swing to junior golfer

How to hit the ball low and high

coach showing proper posture to kids

How to develop a junior golfer

balance training for putting



You will receive tips and answers about your game from GOLF360 to improve your scores.
coach demonstration for group lesson in simulator