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Lesson Programs

beginner to competitor Lessons

At GOLF360, we offer adult and junior lessons for every level of golfer from beginner to competitor. Lessons programs are designed based on the student’s goals. All instruction will consider the player’s physical ability, desired outcomes, and commitment level.

Our lessons focus on improving your game in the following areas

single Lessons

Single lessons can be beneficial for golfers at any skill level. During your lesson, you will receive a 1-on-1 consultation that targets specific areas of your game that need improvement. Allow your instructor to evaluate our game and choose a starting point, or feel free to request the lesson address a particular area of concentration.

group Lessons

Group lessons can be an effective way to learn the basics of golf and develop a solid foundation of skills. This more affordable option is a fun way to learn the game with others who share the same interests. Group lessons can also offer an opportunity to learn from other golfers.

online Lessons

Can’t travel to us? We offer online lessons through video platforms for golfers who are looking for convenience and accessibility. The lessons are customizable to fit the individual golfer’s learning style and schedule. Our golf coaches will provide feedback allowing golfers to track their progress.

Lesson Membership Programs

Committed to improving your golfing skills long-term? We offer three to six-month lesson memberships with personalized programs for monthly lessons and training schedules based on your goals.

Learn More About both Adult Lesson and Junior Lesson Programs

Group Clinics

In addition to single, group, and online lessons, we also offer monthly group clinics throughout the year. These are focused on a single area of play and be great introductions or refreshers to areas you haven’t previously studied.