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Improving & Performing One Swing At A Time

simulator technology showing swing analytics

The Technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to measure the golf ball, the swing, and the body to objectively provide feedback to every player on what strengths and weaknesses are with our golf game. When you hit your best shot, we can tell you what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. That allows us to build your golf program to help you play your best faster.
golf swing analysis tech screenshot


GOLF360 uses the Foresight Sports GCQuad and Uneekor simulators and launch monitors.

These systems measure every aspect of our student’s ball flight and club data including club head speed, ball speed, angle of attack, club path, face-to-path relationship, and much more. We can dictate our coaching for a student’s shot-making skills, all areas of the short game, and on-course playing performance to maximize every coaching session for you.

Real-Time Video Analysis

We use real-time video analysis software to visually show improvements that are made throughout the course of a lesson or program. Each student has created a file of swings from their first lesson and all other future lessons. Using high-speed video camera technology, students can see their swing from all the key positions they need.

Train Your Skills


K-Coach accelerates the learning process for our students using 4 wireless Bluetooth sensors, located on your hips, shoulders, lead-arm, and wrist to identify your path more effectively to a better swing and build a customized program that allows us to measure your progress.

With patented biofeedback coaching, you will move into desired customized positions set by your professional, and visually see the 3D animation turn green when in the correct spot, while music plays in the background simultaneously to signify you are in the correct place in your swing. If you move outside of these desired settings, the animation will turn red and the music ceases, providing instant, real-time feedback so you can efficiently practice better to improve your game faster. Every rep of every customized drill is performed perfectly to accelerate muscle memory.

Blast Motion

Improve full swing, putting, and all other aspects of your game by utilizing Blast video, metrics, performance tracking, and sessions to compete against yourself. Working with real-time metrics, instant analysis tools, video annotation, and voice announcements Blast Motion provides the best path for improvement.
swing analysis tech on phone

Golf Fitness

GOLF360 utilizes the belief that the more athletic someone can move their body, the better one has the chance to improve their golf swing. We utilize the golf-specific fitness programs of the Titleist Performance Institute to help coach our players and provide them training for how to better their golf swing and their body.